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Youth Program Safety Guidelines

Youth programs play an important role in the health and development of children. The Greater Philadelphia Y’s priority is to provide youth programming in a safe and effective manner. Program modifications have been put in place for the safety of our program participants. Modifications will be different based on program specifics. The Y takes into account guidance from the CDC, local government authorities, Y-USA, and recognized sporting bodies.

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Health & Safety Protocols

We have implemented a number of new and enhanced protocols to keep our members, participants, parents, and staff safe.

Face Coverings & Social Distancing
  • For children 11 years old and under face coverings must be worn at all times for indoor programs. Please view our full policy HERE.
  • Mask usage during gymnastics varies from our policies for other indoor athletic courses and leagues. Given the fact that the potential obstruction of vision during higher risk movements like tumbling presents a potentially serious risk of bodily harm, gymnasts may choose to remove their masks during their gymnastics course. Mask removal is not a requirement, though. If instructors and students feel that the student can train safely with a mask, the student may certainly do so. Please note that all students must wear masks until the class begins. Once students remove their masks, they must – whenever possible – maintain 6 feet of distance between their instructors and peers. If a student is participating in a course wherein the city/county has implemented a more stringent requirement, that mandate, of course, supersedes this particular policy.
  • To the extent that it’s possible, close body contact will be eliminated during instruction.
  • Whenever possible, games and practice times will be scheduled to avoid overlap
  • Participants are asked not to carpool.
  • Participant seating will be marked off
  • Team huddles should be eliminated; team talks should take place in a socially distant manner
  • No handshakes or fist bumps should take place
Safety & Injury Prevention
  • Recognizing the fact that some participants may be returning to play after a period of inactivity, added emphasis on injury prevention will be apparent with consistent reminders to re-build endurance, focus on proper form, etc.
  • In the event of an injury, coaches and/or staff will attend to participants wearing both masks and latex gloves. 
  • Every instructor will have access to a medical bag with extra gloves, masks, sanitizer, wipes, facial tissues, and garbage bags.
Sanitization, Cleaning & Equipment
  • Participants will be asked to bring their own water bottles. No sharing of water bottles and each bottle should be clearly marked with the participant’s name
  • Strict sanitization and cleaning protocol have been implemented; including a minimum of 15 minutes between each program to allow for proper sanitization.
  • Each participant is asked to utilize hand sanitizer upon entry and exit.
  • The Y requests that each participant brings their own ball for their safety. If necessary, the Y will supply a sanitized ball for the participant.
  • Pinnies will not be shared among participants
  • Each participant may have only one spectator during activities, games, practices, etc. accompany them.
  • Spectators must maintain a distance of 6 feet between other spectators and participants.
Changes & Cancellations
  • Any changes due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic will be communicated quickly. Should the season be postponed or canceled due to health official guidelines, full or partial credits will be issued based on the number of games played/sessions delivered.
Swim-Specific Health & Safety
  • All equipment will be sanitized prior to use and again at the completion of the lesson.
  • Instructors will wear a face shield while in the water for their protection as well as yours.
  • Only 1 adult will be permitted to accompany the swimmer onto the pool deck.
  • We ask that anyone on our pool deck or outside of the water wear a face mask or covering in accordance with the Mask Policy.
  • Whenever possible, please arrive and leave in your swimsuit. Locker rooms will be open for use with social distancing guidelines and enhanced cleaning procedures.
Contact Tracing
  • If a parent/guardian or participant believes that he/she has been exposed to a person who has tested positive to COVID-19, we expect you to notify a member of our staff and follow the CDC protocol of self-quarantining for 14 days.
  • If a participant tests positive for COVID-19, we expect you to notify a member of our staff and follow the CDC protocol of self-quarantining for 14 days.