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Juneteenth Contest News Post
07/27/2022 - 07:26 PM

Congratulations to this year's contest winners!

In June, we invited members and program participants (ages 6 - 19) from the Greater Philadelphia YMCA and the Philadelphia Juneteenth Family to join us in expressing their creativity. Participants could submit essays, poems, posters, videos, songs, rap, and other mediums that embodied Juneteenth and One People, One Cause, One Destiny.

Congratulations to this year's participants and winners!

Age 6 - 7

1st: Joseph Riady - Christian Street

2nd: Alice Peters - Christian Street

3rd: Morgan Timmons - Christian Street

Ages 6 - 9 (Essay Category)

1st Place: Vasilis Dardeshi - Ambler

Ages 8 - 9

1st: Dijes Dardeshi - Ambler

2nd: Braeden Fathel - Rocky Run

3rd: Shayla Fathel - Rocky Run

Ages 10 - 12

1st Place: Evan Dardeshi - Ambler

Ages 13 - 19

1st Place: Iyana Clinton and Layla Mosley (Teen Tech Center)


Certificates of Participation

Caleb Kusnohardjono – Christian Street

Desmond Laws – Christian Street

Finn Perkins – Christian Street

Kole Iaccarino – Christian Street

Lucas Jones – Christian Street

Robbie Brelsford – Christian Street

Anthony Kobetitsch – Christian Street

Hudson Smith – Christian Street

Isaiah Johnson – Christian Street

Nellie Tigay – Christian Street

Orion Jeblonski – Christian Street

Charlie Silverman – Christian Street


Thank you to all of our participants! Mark your calendar to join us again next year!


Check out the impact the YMCA has on the Greater Philadelphia area: 

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