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Whether your teen plans to go to college or start their career after high school, participating in college and career readiness programs can benefit them greatly. Students with prior knowledge about college and employment can help them make informed decisions about their future by graduation.

Learn how career and college prep for kids and teens can create brighter futures.

Career Readiness Programs

Students who engage in career readiness programs will have the knowledge to help them succeed after high school and college. The programs assist students in developing skills that will help them navigate the workforce in the real world. Students in career readiness programs can develop their interests to discover potential careers, from completing virtual projects to learning new skills like programming or graphic design.

Career readiness programs for teens prepare them to find a job, accept the offer and maintain their career. While these basic skills begin in school, career readiness programs provide a deeper focus on:

  • Critical thinking: Students will use critical thinking throughout their lives. Developing critical thinking prepares them to handle challenges at work, home or school.
  • Communication: While communicating with peers and teachers is routine, learning formal communication skills can set students apart when applying for internships or jobs.
  • Stress management: Learning how to handle stress helps students focus on their tasks and recompose themselves during challenges.
  • Time management: Whether a student or office worker, managing time effectively is key to staying on task and getting work done. Knowing how to manage time early on helps students develop habits and routines that can lead to success in their future careers.

Many career readiness programs also have mentorships available to help students receive personalized care. Having a mentor will keep students accountable while ensuring their best interests are always at the forefront.

College Readiness Programs

Preparing for college can help students feel confident as they start the next chapter of their lives. While much of college readiness focuses on academics, other aspects like social skills and emotional well-being are also essential for success. When students prepare for college in high school, they have a greater chance of persisting and completing their degrees.

College prep for kids and teens ensures they have the necessary skills and knowledge to help them succeed in college. Many college readiness programs assign weekly projects and teach lessons on financial literacy to help teens develop skills for their future. Teens can also find support and guidance from trusted mentors in the program.

Knowing what to expect in college before students get there can help them manage expectations while having fun and making new friends.

Join Career and College Readiness Programs in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Encourage your teens to participate in career and college readiness programs. At the Greater Philadelphia YMCA, we offer readiness and mentor programs in the Greater Philadelphia region to help students succeed postgraduation. 

When your student is ready to get ahead and prepare for their future, consider the programs at the Greater Philadelphia YMCA. Find a career and college readiness program for your student today!