Healthy Fall Tips News Post

Published: 10/19/2022 - 8:00 AM

Fall is here! Take a look at 5 seasonal health tips from our nutrition partners!

The fall season is upon us. It's the time of year when it gets dark earlier, days get cooler, and school and seasonal festivities begin. We also start eating more. Here are five tips to help you navigate the season and maintain healthy behaviors.

1. Pumpkin is back!

Pumpkin is not only versatile in both sweet and savory dishes, but it’s also rich in fiber and beta-carotene. Fiber helps us feel full and promotes digestive health while beta-carotene is key for healthy vision and a strong immune system. Try swapping pumpkin into some of your favorite dishes such as smoothies, soups, yogurt, oats/oatmeal, pancake mix, etc.

2. Don't forget the seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain fiber, unsaturated fatty acids and essential minerals which play a role in immune and metabolic function. You can purchase roasted pumpkin seeds or pepitas or scoop those seeds out of your own pumpkin this fall and enjoy as a healthy snack or on top of soups, salads, yogurt, etc

3. Embrace change

Fall is a perfect reminder to embrace change - look through your cookbooks or online to find a new recipe. Add seasonal produce like apples, beets, or spaghetti or butternut squash into your menu mix.

4. Don't scare off those cravings

If you tend to label foods as "good" or "bad," instead, increase the awareness of the foods you eat. Identify the possible triggers that lead you to consume foods you previously labeled as "bad." If you reframe your thinking, you can enjoy those foods in moderation.

5. Practice mindful eating

Allow yourself to enjoy events without guilt or shame around food by practicing mindful eating. While eating, chew slowly and notice the taste, textures, smell, etc. Use all 5 senses and truly enjoy it!


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