Does your little one love to move and dance to songs? Dance lessons for children are an excellent way to release their energy while expressing themselves. Learn more about how dance benefits kids and teens by signing them up for lessons at the Greater Philadelphia YMCA.

Dance Lessons for Kids and Teens

Dancing teaches kids how to move to music while bringing visual stories to life. Some benefits of dance classes for kids include:

  • Improving health: Kids and teens can improve their physical and mental health while dancing. The aerobic activity helps improve flexibility and posture while toning muscles. Dance classes also exercise the brain as dancers move their bodies in time with the music.
  • Learning about teamwork: Group dance lessons encourage kids and teens to work together. Many group classes involve all the students moving and working together to create a beautiful dance.
  • Making new friends: Kids can make new friends while attending dance classes. The bonds formed between dance students can last as they advance and develop their skills.
  • Learning about self-expression: Dancing offers a new outlet for children to express themselves. Whether they prefer ballet, hip-hop or tap, kids can dance to show how they are feeling.
  • Practicing discipline: Kids learn new moves during each class before putting them together to perform a cohesive piece. Paying attention to instructors is vital to ensuring kids can complete the dance moves safely.

Dance Styles Offered at the Greater Philadelphia YMCA

At the Greater Philadelphia YMCA, we offer multiple dance classes for kids and teens to help them discover their favorite styles. You can enroll your child in the following dance classes:

  • Ballet: Many consider ballet the foundation of all dance styles. In ballet dance classes for kids and teens, students learn about proper body alignment and stretching. They will also learn the fundamental ballet positions that prepare for other dance moves. 
  • Hip-hop: This freestyle dance form encompasses several styles, like popping, locking, and breaking. Students learn how to move to the beat while embracing the creative freedom of hip-hop. 
  • Tap: Dancers wear shoes with metal taps on the heels and toes that help them make sounds. Kids will learn to make rhythms and hear different layers of music, then combine the two skills to create a dance routine.
  • Jazz: Kids will learn techniques from several dance styles, like ballet, hip-hop and tap. They will learn how to execute leaps, pirouettes, jumps and more safely. Jazz is also a popular form of dance for musical theater routines.
  • Modern: In modern dance, we will focus on natural and basic human movement, emphasizing contractions and release. The dance style is more relaxed and favors the expression of an inner feeling. Students will learn to listen to their emotions while dancing.

Find Your Rhythm in Dance Classes

Help your child learn new styles while improving their flexibility, endurance, stamina, and muscle memory. At the Greater Philadelphia YMCA, we offer dance lessons for teens and kids to help them harness their dance skills and creativity.

Get your children involved by signing them up for dance classes at your local branch.