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The Financial Assistance Program is central to our mission here at the Y. When someone loses a job, when medical bills become overwhelming, or when other challenging situations occur, people need the support of the Y. Our program is tied to the Federal Poverty Guidelines and offers a range of assistance to fit the financial situation of our community.


Getting Started

Prospective members must complete the Greater Philadelphia YMCA’s Financial Assistance Application in order for the GPYMCA to determine the percent of financial assistance available. Financial Assistance awards are available for membership, programs, camp, and childcare, though the percent awarded and program structure may differ in each area.  


Assistance for Child Care & Camp

If you are applying for financial assistance from the Greater Philadelphia YMCA for Early Learning ChildCare (ELC), Before and After School Care (BASE), the Youth Student Support Center program (YSSC) or Day Camp, you must first complete and submit the appropriate application for subsidized child care required for your state.

In Pennsylvania, the application is submitted to the Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC). Click here to complete the PA application.

In New Jersey, the application is submitted to the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (CCR&R). Click here to complete the NJ application.

We will not be able to process your Child Care financial assistance request unless you provide a copy of an award or denial letter from the ELRC or CCR&R.


Submitting an Application

When applying for membership, programs, camp, or childcare, members must provide the following documents when completing their application:

  • Most recent 1040 Federal Tax Return (with Schedule C for self-employed business income)
  • Two most recent pay stubs for all adults in the household.
  • Award, denial or waitlist letter from the ELRC or CCR&R (if applying for Child Care Assistance)

In addition, you will be required to provide the following documents, if applicable:

  • Social Security (SSI or SSDI) determination letter
  • Unemployment Compensation determination letter
  • Workers Compensation determination letter
  • Government Assistance (SNAP, Housing Assistance, etc.)
  • Third-party support documentation

To ensure an equitable process, we cannot waive the requirement to provide documentation of income. We will assist as much as possible with resources to help them find or access documentation given our commitment to the FA program and the important access and support it provides for members.

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Common Questions and Answers


How long will assistance continue?

To keep current and provide equity we ask that all members resubmit financial assistance every two years for membership related requests and annually for camp and child care related requests.

Why does the YMCA request financial information?

Financial Assistance differs from discounts or promotions and is need-based. With information on income and family size, we can award assistance in a fair and consistent manner. We use these procedures to ensure that everyone receives equal consideration.

Who will see the financial information provided?

Personal financial information is handled in a confidential manner and will be seen and reviewed only by the YMCA’s professional staff. No information is shared with any other agency or organization.

Who provides funding for the Financial Assistance Program?

The Financial Assistance Program is possible through the generosity of members and donors. As a non-profit, most funds come through the YMCA directly.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my application?

Questions about financial aid applications and renewals can be sent to