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In order to preserve the health and safety of both our members and staff, we will be implementing some new policies and procedures that align with government standards and CDC Guidelines.

We ask for patience as we navigate through these new procedures and we will continually make necessary adjustments as needed to provide the safest and most convenient way to enjoy swimming once again!


Find Swim Time

Open swim times are available for lap swimming and water walking. Please see the rules and expectations below!

Family swim is only available at participating Y locations. Reservations are required for all Y locations with the exception of Ambler YMCA, Haverford YMCA, and Spring Valley YMCA. Click on those locations to view open swim times.

Reservations are only available to active members through our Y Member Portal.  Swim reservation times open 7 days in advance every Monday at 6 am. 

Have you visited our new member portal yet? If not - claim and activate your account!

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swim at the Y

Lap Swim

Members can swim at the Y! Enjoy world-class pools for the breaststroke, butterfly, or even the doggy-paddle - we won't judge. No reservations are needed - check your local Y open swim hours.

Water Walking swim

Water Walking

This low-impact form of cardio is perfect for those recovering from injury or looking to stay active as an older adult! No reservations are needed - check your local Y open swim hours.

family swim

Family Swim

Splash, splash! Families can swim at the Y. Enjoy our family-friendly pool for open swim time with 1-hr and up sessions. Reservations are required for all Y locations with the exception of Ambler YMCA, Haverford YMCA, and Spring Valley YMCA. Click on those locations to view open swim times.


Swim Health & Safety

General Policies

Members will be required to be wearing a mask at all times when not in the pool. 

Our locker rooms will be open for use with social distancing guidelines in place. Please follow all signs and instructions at your location.

Showers will be open and available with enhanced safety and cleaning procedures.

We will not have equipment (noodles, kickboards, weights) available for use.  Please bring your own equipment if you require it.

All members will be asked to comply with posted signage and instructions including occupancy limits in the bathrooms, hand washing, social distancing both in and out of the pool, and disposing of trash.

Members are asked to please leave at the completion of their assigned time to ensure adequate time to clean and disinfect prior to the next group of member arrival. 

Glass is not permitted anywhere in the pool area.

Open Swim Policies

Upon arrival at the pool, please check in with the lifeguard who will direct you to a specific lane.

Please limit your lap swimming/water walking to 45 minutes and family open swim to 60 minutes if members are waiting in order to allow others to enjoy the pool.

Please adhere to the allowed number of lap swimmers and water walkers for each lane.

If all lanes are occupied, we respectfully ask that you sit in the designated area and wait for a spot to open-- remember to give people at least 6 feet of space.

Pool capacities will be enforced and will change based on activities using the pool.

If a lifeguard advises that the pool must be vacated prior to a change in program, please do so.

Cleaning will still occur at regular intervals and members waiting for a lane may be asked to temporarily wait in another area while that occurs.

If using any equipment, please make sure to place used equipment in the designated bin to be cleaned.

Arguments or other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

Health Policies

Temperatures will be checked upon arrival at the pool and any member with a temp of 100.4 will not be given access for that day.

Please be sure to wash your hands frequently and cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing.

Please be sure to have a face covering on at all times in the pool area.

Avoid groups of unrelated individuals gathering both in and out of the water. 

Social distancing of at least 6 feet between people who do not live together must be maintained.

Bathrooms, chairs, and frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected prior to the next group of members arriving at the pool.

Swim Tests

All children 16 and under (members and guests) will be swim tested and marked with a colored wrist band. Children who have been swim tested must verify their swimming ability on subsequent visits by wearing the wrist band or be re-tested. Participants of any age may also be swim tested at the discretion of the lifeguard.

The supervision of children is a safety precaution designed to provide an extra degree of safety beyond that provided by YMCA lifeguards for all children under 12. Adult supervision is defined as a responsible person 18 or older. Teen supervision is defined as a responsible person 17 or older.

  • Children 6 and Under: Will be supervised in the water even after successful completion of the shallow or deep water test. This supervision may be by an adult OR alternatively by a teen with an adult on deck.
  • Children 7-11: Do not have to be supervised in the water, but require an adult on deck, unless they can’t pass the shallow water test. If the child cannot pass the shallow water test, in-water supervision is required.