Haverford Preschool Gymnastics Instruction

Published: 10/09/2023 - 8:00 AM

Improve your little ones' gymnastics skills with instructional videos!

Gymnastics is a skills-based sport where the fundamentals are absolutely essential in order to progress to each new level. Beginning with pre-school gymnastics, each level has required skills that must be properly completed before moving on to Level 1.

Pre-school gymnastics maneuvers include requirements for strength, flexibility, agility, balance and coordination on all four apparatus including vault, bars, beam and floor. The following videos demonstrate the fundamentals what your gymnast will learn when beginning their journey with preschool gymnastics at the YMCA.

Learning Outcomes

Preschool Vault
Learning the basics for accelerated running, jumping to elevated surfaces, body tension and staying tight while performing skills.

Preschool Bars
Demonstrating body strength by being able to hold oneself in addition to going upside down on the bar and performing circling skills.

Preschool Beam
Demonstration of good balance while walking forward, backwards and sideways, as well as hopping and jumping down from the elevated surface.

Preschool Floor
Learning the basics for rolling, cartwheels, handstands and flexibility for bridging, splits etc.