WG Twisters Nationals News Post

Published: 06/28/2023 - 8:00 AM

The Willow Grove YMCA Twisters gymnastics team demonstrated exceptional skill, determination, and teamwork at the esteemed 85th YMCA National Gymnastics Championship, held in Cincinnati, Ohio from June 22nd to June 25th. The Twisters showcased their talent across various levels securing an impressive collection of titles and rankings.

With a total of 33 National Individual event titles, the Willow Grove YMCA Twisters girls and boys teams left a lasting impression at the championship. The boys team displayed immense prowess, with standout performances by Ian Pack, who emerged victorious in Level 3 D1, triumphing in six different events, including floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, high bar, and the prestigious all-around title. Michael Bullick's exceptional skills earned him four Level 3 D2 titles in floor, parallel bars, high bar, and all-around. Luca Sarullo also demonstrated his talent, claiming two Level 3 D2 titles in pommel horse and vault. Jason Ryasor showcased his versatility and expertise, securing an astounding six titles in Level 4 D1, including all-around, floor, pommel horse, vault, parallel bars, and high bar. Robeson Frey proved his determination in Level 4 D2, securing three titles, including all-around, floor, and rings. Benjamin Coleman also made a notable impact, achieving remarkable success with a first-place finish in floor, pommel horse, rings, parallel bars, and defended the All-Around title for back-to-back seasons.

The Willow Grove Twisters girls team achieved remarkable success as well. Roxanne Spector captivated the audience with her stunning performance, winning the level 6 floor title. The level 6 team displayed their collective talent, securing an impressive third-place overall team. Payten Achilles showcased her grace and precision, earning the level 4 beam title. Sydney Jones displayed exceptional skill on the beam, claiming the level 8 Beam title, while the level 8 team secured a commendable fifth-place overall ranking. Katelyn Lyons demonstrated her prowess on the beam, winning the level 7 beam title, and the level 7 team achieved a notable fifth-place overall ranking. Toni Dallas exhibited her strength and artistry, winning the Xcel Diamond Bars title, with the Xcel Diamond Team securing a commendable ninth-place overall ranking. Furthermore, Adriyah Clark was masterful in the Xcel Silver category, winning the vault, bars, floor, and all-around titles, while Layleani Velez captivated the audience with her exceptional performance for the Xcel Silver division on floor. Christina Clark's incredible display of skill earned her the Xcel Silver beam title. Kaitlin Bullick stunned the crowd with her grace to win the Level 3 beam title. Additionally, Avery Godburn showcased her talent and dedication, claiming victories in both the floor and bars events for Xcel Gold.

"We (the coaching staff) are immensely proud of the Willow Grove YMCA Twisters gymnastics team for their exceptional achievements at the 2023 YMCA National Championships & Invitational," said Mubarak Simmons, head coach of the Willow Grove YMCA gymnastics program. "Their commitment, talent, and teamwork have been truly remarkable. We extend our warmest congratulations to each gymnast on their remarkable individual accomplishments and the team's outstanding overall performance."

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Top 3 Finishers


Level 8

  • Hannah Winters: 2nd Place Vault, 2nd Place Bars
  • Sydney Jones: 1st Place Beam
  • Julianne Rudgunas: 3rd Place Floor

Xcel Diamond

  • Toni Dallas: 1st Place Bars, 3rd Place All-Around
  • Kiera Bruton: 2nd Place Beam

Xcel Silver

  • Adriyah Clark: 1st Place Vault, 1st Place Bars, 1st Place Floor, 1st Place All-Around
  • Brenna Miller: 2nd Place Bars, 2nd Place Beam, 2nd Place All-Around
  • Layleani Velez: 1st Place Floor, 3rd Place Bars
  • Christina Clark: 1st Place Beam
  • Charlye Watkins: 2nd Place Floor
  • Khloe Campbell-Scott: 2nd Place Floor

Xcel Gold

  • Eva Buchakjian: 2nd Place Vault, 2nd Place Bars, 2nd Place Floor, 2nd Place All-Around
  • Rebecca Fischman-Cohen: 2nd Place Beam
  • Avery Godburn: 1st Place Bars, 1st Place Floor
  • Addison Matlack: 2nd Place Floor Xcel Platinum
  • Marissa Woodling: 3rd Place Vault

Xcel Platinum

  • Marissa Woodling: 3rd Place Vault

Level 4

  • Peyton Achilles: 1st Place Bars, 3rd Place Vault
  • Aubrey Smith: 1st Place Bars, 2nd Place All-Around, 3rd Place Vault
  • Lena Coleman: 2nd Place Vault
  • Abigail Hromisin: 2nd Place Vault, 2nd Place All-Around, 3rd Place Bars, 3rd Place Floor

Level 6

  • Averi Brady: 2nd Place Vault, 2nd Place Bars, 2nd Place All-Around
  • Reagan Gates: 3rd Place Floor, 3rd Place All-Around
  • Roxanne Spector: 1st Place Floor, 3rd Place Vault
  • Addison Bae: 3rd Place Beam

Level 3

  • Kaitlin Bullick: 1st Place Bars, 2nd Place Floor, 2nd Place All-Around

Level 7

  • Katelyn Lyons: 1st Place Beam
  • Amira Wardlaw: 2nd Place Bars
  • Delaney Mook: 3rd Place Vault


Level 3 D1

  • Ian Pack: 1st Place Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, All-Around. 2nd Place High Bar
  • Lucas Sims: 2nd Place Pommel Horse, Rings, All-Around. 3rd Place Floor, Vault, High Bar

Level 3 D2

  • Benjamin Coleman: 1st Place Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Parallel Bars, All-Around. 2nd Place High Bars, 3rd Place Vault
  • Michael Bullick: 1st Place All-Around, Rings, Floor, Parallel Bars, HIgh Bar, 3rd Place Pommel Horse
  • Luca Sarullo: 1st Place Pommel Horse, Vault. 2nd Place Parallel Bars, High Bar, All-Around
  • Jacob Hromisin: 2nd Place Floor, Pommel Horse, 3rd Place All-Around
  • Rayan Mahood: 2nd Place Floor, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, 3rd Place All-Around
  • Nicholas Nasib: 3rd Place Floor, Parallel Bars, High Bar

Level 4 D1

  • Jason Raysor: 1st Place Floor, Pommel Horse, Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar, All-Around. 2nd Place Rings

Level 4 D2

  • Robeson Frey: 1st Place All-Around, Floor, Rings. 2nd Place Pommel Horse, Vault, Parallel Bars

Routines of the Weekend


Roxanne Spector

Sydney Jones

Adriyah Clark

Payten Achilles

Toni Dallas

Avery Godburn

Kaitlin Bullick

Katelyn Lyons

Christina Clark

Aubrey Smith

Payton Hinkle 

Chava Tractman

Averi Brady

Jaclyn Seitter

Lena Coleman

Marissa Woodling

Kiera Bruton

Olivia Weiser

Rebecca Fischman-Cohen

Londyn Parker

Hannah Connelly


Michael Bullick

Jason Raysor

Ian Pack

Luca Sarullo

Lucas Sims

Robeson Frey



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