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Published: 02/28/2024 - 8:00 AM

The Willow Grove YMCA Twisters gymnastics team showcased their talent and dedication at the Unite for Her 2024 Pink Invitational, held from February 23rd to 25th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, hosted by AJS Pancott Gymnastics. This prestigious event, boasting over 4,000 competitors from across the nation, serves as the largest gymnastics fundraising event in the United States, supporting breast cancer and ovarian cancer patients.

The Twisters team emerged as a force to be reckoned with, securing an impressive total of 13 individual event titles. Notably, the Level 8 and Level 7 teams demonstrated exceptional teamwork and skill, earning second place overall. The Level 8 Team exhibited stellar performances, with Chava Trachtman clinching 1st Place All-Around and 1st Place Floor, Hannah Winters securing 1st Place Vault and 1st Place Bars, Kiera Bruton claiming 1st Place Beam, Sydney Jones season high score on Beam for 1st place. Additionally, Payten Sullivan, Remi Sasson, Toni Dallas, and Julianne Rudgunas showcased their talents, earning multiple podium finishes.

The Level 7 Team displayed remarkable consistency, with Roxy Spector, Mia Walinski, Delaney Mook, Olivia Lee, Lucy Muller, Averi Brady, Leah Skrocki, and Marianny Bisono contributing to the team's success, each securing podium finishes in their respective events. Addison Bae also received the prestigious Strength of Character Award for her outstanding performance and resilience throughout the competition

Other standout performances include Eva Buchakjian from the Xcel Platinum Team, who dominated with multiple podium finishes, and Adriyah Clark from the Xcel Gold Team, who demonstrated exceptional prowess in the All-Around, Beam, and Floor events.

Top 3 Finishers

Level 8

Team: 2nd Place

  • Chava Trachtman: 1st Place All-Around, 1st Place Floor, 2nd Place Bars, 2nd Place Vault
  • Hannah Winters: 1st Place Vault, 1st Place Bars, 2nd Place All-Around
  • Remi Sasson: 2nd Place Beam, 3rd Place Vault, 3rd Place All-Around
  • Kiera Bruton: 1st Place Beam
  • Sydney Jones: 1st Place Beam, 3rd Place Floor
  • Payten Sullivan: 2nd Place Vault, 2nd Place bars, 3rd Place All-Around

Level 7

Team: 2nd Place

  • Roxy Spector: 2nd Place Bars
  • Mia Walinski: 2nd Place All-Around, 2nd Place Bars, 2nd Place Beam
  • Delaney Mook: 3rd Place Vault
  • Marianny Bisono: 3rd Place All-Around, 3rd Place Floor

Level 6

  • Peyton Achilles: 3rd Place Vault
  • Reagan Gates: 2nd Place Beam
  • Aubrey Smith: 1st Place Vault

Xcel Platinum

  • Eva Buchakjian: 1st Place Floor, 2nd Place Vault, 2nd Place Bars, 2nd Place All-Around
  • Serene Abdikarimova: 3rd Place Bars, 3rd Place Floor
  • Simi Mabogunje: 1st Place Floor

Xcel Gold

  • Adriyah Clark: 1st Place All-Around, 1st Place Beam, 1st Place Floor, 3rd Place Vault
  • Elizabeth Castro: 3rd Place Bars
  • Addison Matlack: 1st Beam, 2nd Place All-Around, 3rd Place Floor

Level 4

  • Katilin Bullick: 3rd Place Floor Level 6 Team
  • Peyton Achilles: 3rd Place Vault
  • Reagan Gates: 2nd Place Beam
  • Aubrey Smith: 1st Place Vault

Xcel Diamond

  • Amira Wardlaw: 1st Place Vault



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