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Published: 08/30/2023 - 8:00 AM

The Y is committed to connecting you to a healthier life, and that includes ensuring you stay connected to your health insurance plan. This is why we’re sharing important information regarding Medicaid changes for Pennsylvanians.

Do you or a loved one get Medicaid or CHIP coverage through the state? As of April 1, 2023, changes to federal law mean that you MUST renew your coverage every year or risk losing your coverage. You may be one of the 1.3 million individuals in Pennsylvania who need to renew! Are you a Y member through one of these Medicaid plans – Keystone First, Health Partners Plans, or UnitedHealthcare? Renewing is essential to ensuring your Y membership stays active too!

You will not lose your state health coverage without a chance to complete a renewal or update your information. When you complete your renewal, if you are no longer eligible for Medicaid or CHIP, you will automatically get connected to low- or no-cost health coverage so you can choose another health plan that's right for you.

Take these steps NOW to make your renewal easier:
  1. Update your contact information with the Department of Human Services. Having the correct address makes it easier to send you timely information in the mail.
  2. Sign up for email and text alerts so you get important information about your health coverage and your renewal.
  3. Check your renewal date then complete your renewal on time so that you do not risk your coverage.
You can do all these steps online or on the phone:

Complete your renewal today and stay covered!

What if you’re no longer eligible for Medicaid?

If you are no longer eligible for Medicaid, Pennie® can help. Pennie is Pennsylvania's official health insurance marketplace, where you can select a health plan that best fits your needs. Pennie can help you find out if you qualify for free or low-cost coverage.

Your health is important. Contact Pennie to get started: Home | Pennie

For your Y membership, we never turn anyone away due to an inability to pay! You can see more details on how to apply for financial assistance for your Y membership and programs here:

Financial Assistance Program