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Published: 04/04/2024 - 8:00 AM

We're so proud of the impact the Rocky Run Y has in our community - and beyond! Your donation to the Y helps us provide life-changing programming to those in need, like Suzanne, a current Y member who came back from cancer stronger than ever thanks to the Livestrong program and her own determination.


Suzanne's Story

"I was diagnosed with stage II colon cancer which required surgery and 6 months of chemotherapy. As you can imagine, I was wiped out by the time my treatment was complete. An acquaintance of mine who battled prostate cancer did the Livestrong Program at the Rocky Run YMCA a few years prior and told me it was the 'best thing he could have done' to help his recovery.

I decided to sign up, even though I was a bit nervous. Quickly my anxieties were alleviated when I met my trainers and the other Livestrong participants. Everyone was so welcoming and there were lots of jokes and laughs along the way to break the ice.

We did a lot of workouts that were out of my comfort zone that I would have probably never tried on my own. I now make some of them part of my regular routine. After just 2 months in the program, I was able to hike part of the Grand Canyon with my son without thinking twice. It felt amazing to once again be able to keep up with my then 10-year-old son.

By the time the 3-month program was over, I regained all my strength and felt stronger than I did prior to having cancer. I gained a new supportive family that I continue to keep in touch with today.

Cancer tried to take my life, but it failed and Livestrong gave it back to me.

I will forever be grateful to the YMCA and its trainers who put in the time and commitment to make the Livestrong Program happen. I continue to be a member of the YMCA because it is more than a gym to me. It feels like a second home and a place to grow."

- Suzanne B.

Livestrong 2022 Graduate & current YMCA member

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