Twisters State Championships 2022
01/19/2024 - 02:41 PM

Willow Grove YMCA Twisters gymnastics team rose to the top of the field at the YMCA Gymnastics State Championships, bringing home 35 individual titles, 2 team titles, and 3 top 3 team finishes.

Top 3 Finishers

Level 6 Team 

1st Place

Level 6 Division: 11 & under

Olivia Lee: 1st Place (All-Around, Vault), 2nd Place (Bars, Floor) Campbell Pfeffer: 1st Place (Floor), 2nd Place (All-Around), 3rd Place (Vault) Delaney Mook: 1st Place (Bars), 3rd (All-Around, Floor) Brylee Evans: 1st Place (Beam)

Level 6 Division: 12

Marianny Bisono-Cumba: 1st Place (All-Around, Bars), 2nd Place (Vault), 3rd (Beam) Dhamin Kim: 1st Place (Floor), 2nd Place (All-Around, Bars) Skye Williams: 2nd Place (Beam) Brooke Ellner: 3rd Place (Bars)

Level 6 Division: 13

Riley Pietro: 2nd Place (All-Around, Bars, Beam)

Level 6 Division: 13

Cara Neeld: 1st Place (All-Around, Vault, Floor), 2nd Place (Bars, Beam) Emily Sanoy: 1st Place (Bars), 2nd Place (All-Around, Floor), 3rd Place (Vault)

Level 7 Team

2nd Place

Level 7 Division: 13 & Under

Payten Sullivan: 1st Place (All-Around, Beam), 2nd Place (Floor) Sydney Jones: 1st Place (Bars), 2nd Place (All-Around) Katelyn Lyons: 1st Place (Floor) Gianna Novelli: 2nd Place (Bars), 3rd Place (All-Around, Floor) Amira Wardlaw: 3rd Place (Bars)

Level 7 Division: 14

Remi Sasson: 2nd Place (All-Around, Bars, Beam)

Level 7 Division: 15

Allison Lessig: 1st Place (All-Around), 2nd Place (Bars, Beam, Floor) Alexandra Krawczyk: 3rd Place (Beam)

Level 7 Division: 16 & Over

Ella Tor: 2nd Place (Floor)

Level 8 Division: 15 & Under

Hannah Winters: 1st Place (All-Around, Vault, Bars), 2nd Place (Floor), 3rd Place (Beam)

Level 9

Na Hoffmann: 1st Place (All-Around, Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor)

Xcel Diamond Team

1st Place

Xcel Diamond Division 16 & Under

Toni Dallas: 1st Place (All-Around, Floor, Bars), 2nd Place (Vault) Kiera Bruton: 1st Place (Beam), 3rd Place (All-Around, Floor, Bars) Hannah Leyden: 3rd Place (Beam)

Xcel Diamond Division 17 & Over

Carly Girgenti: 2nd Place (Bars), 3rd Place (Vault)

Xcel Gold Team

3rd Place

Xcel Gold Division 11 & Under

Kayla Mullin: 1st Place (All-Around, Floor) Avery Godburn: 1st Place (Bars), 2nd Place (All-Around, Floor)

Xcel Gold Division 12

Bridget Donaghy: 2nd Place (Beam) Caitlyn Pham: 3rd Place (Bars)

Xcel Gold Division 13

Dylan Cervantes: 2nd Place (Beam)

Xcel Gold Division 14

Eva Buchakjian: 1st Place (Bars), 3rd Place Tori Bell: 2nd Place (Bars, Beam) Kendall Goodwin: 3rd Place (All-Around, Beam), 3rd Place (Floor)

Xcel Gold Division 15 & Over

Sydney Bailis: 1st Place (All-Around), 3rd Place (Vault, Beam) Rebecca Fischman-Cohen: 1st Place (Vault, Beam) Serene Abdikarimova: 1st Place (Floor), 2nd Place (Beam), 3rd Place (All-Around)

Xcel Platinum Team

3rd Place

Xcel Platinum Division 16 & Under

Marissa Woodling: 1st Place (All-Around, Vault, Bars), 3rd Place (Beam, Floor) Aaliyah Robinson: 2nd Place (Bars), 3rd Place (Vault)

Xcel Platinum Division 17 & Over

Adjuke Heyburn: 3rd Place (Beam)


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Mubarak Simmons

Gymnastics Director, Willow Grove YMCA

Mubarak has over two decades of expertise in gymnastics and acrobatics. He coaches young athletes to achieve their dreams while having fun in the sport. His career includes tenure as a stuntman at Walt Disney World Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Show, and a key role in winning the 2005 NCAA Gymnastics Team Championship for the University of Oklahoma. Mubarak is a graduate in Political Science, and he enjoys motorsports and quality time with his family.