Swim Lessons at the Y

Published: 04/04/2023 - 10:00 AM

Written By: Aimee Smith, Association Aquatics Directors

At some point, most parents will consider if swim instruction is a good decision for their child. With more research and data, we're finding that the answer is a clear "yes".

There are the obvious safety reasons: drowning has long been a leading cause of injury or death for children under the age of 14, with the highest rates occurring between the ages of 1 - 4. Formal swimming instruction reduces the likelihood of drowning by almost 90%.

So it's fair to wonder: How do I choose the right swim instruction for my child?

Here’s what we know makes for great swim instruction.

Swimming can have a significantly positive effect over a whole lifetime. As a skill, it can never be unlearned. As a form of exercise, it can keep a person active throughout adulthood, thanks to its low-impact effects. Children, in particular, reap the benefits of increased confidence and freedom. And swimming opens new avenues to socialization.

Swim Lessons in the Pool at the Y

Start them early.

The earlier your child gets comfortable in water, the greater the benefits. Not just for safety, but also for lifelong health and social benefits. YMCA swim instructors work with children as young as 6 months old to get them off on the best start.

Make it a family activity.

There is no one your child trusts more than you. Our lessons put that trust to work. From infancy to age 3, we involve parents in our classes. You’ll not only help your child overcome any fears; you’ll build positive memories you’ll both carry for life.

Make it scalable.

No two kids learn the exact same way. Skills training works best when it builds to an important milestone, and allows a child time to practice it. That’s why YMCA swim instruction is broken into 6 stages, allowing your child to progress and enjoy as much instruction as they want, without the pressure to do more. And if they choose to do more, they can simply pick up where they left off at any time. We’ve helped millions find their right fit, and can do the same for your child.

Make it affordable.

Sticker shock. We’ve all felt it when pricing something for our kids. Quality experiences, however, don’t always have to come with a luxury price. The YMCA prides itself on providing top-notch swim instruction at an affordable price. In fact, every year we offer thousands of free “Safety Around Water” classes to the community. And with our financial assistance options, we can help every family afford an investment in swim lessons.

Ready to get started? The Y has options throughout the Philadelphia area!

The YMCA has taught more people to swim than any other entity in the US. Last year alone, the Greater Philadelphia YMCA taught more than 32,000 children and adults. What’s more, we teach swimming at every level, with more than 1000 children participating in our competitive swim programs across the region. It’s hard to find a more-experienced team of instructors anywhere.

The only thing left to consider is scheduling. And with 15 branches across the Greater Philadelphia area, the YMCA has plenty of options to work with your schedule. Visit our swim instruction page now to learn more and sign up now. We can’t wait to see your kid swimming strongly and confidently at the Y.